Ah, the obligatory introductory post.  As I start to write this first of firsts (and you were here for it!  Good for you!), I find I have no idea what to say.  I have oodles and oodles to say coming up, but what do you put in post number one?

Well, let’s do it this way.  I’ll tell you about my super humble self.  I’m a wife.  A mom.  A human.  I’m madly in love with my life and the love of my life, the Husband.

Several years ago, when I was in my late teens, my sister gave me my very first vibrator.  (“What?  Your sister?!” Yes, my sister.  Focus, please.)  In the few years that comprised my young adulthood, I bought just a couple more.  My modern self knows that those toys weren’t stellar, and in fact the materials were downright scary, even dangerous, compared to the silicone that current high end toys are made of, but at the time I loved them.  Orgasms on command, both solo and with the Hubs.  How could I miss?

Did I mention these first toys were cheap?  Yeah, they were cheap.  They lasted a while before the motors died, or they broke, or they got lost.  I now know that not all sex toys are created equal!  Everyone should know that.  Seriously, I think vibrator safety and knowledge should be included in sex-ed.  If you ever think about buying any kind of marital aid (are they still called that?), it is so, so important to know what you are buying.  You just can’t go by what the box says.

That’s where I come in.  Here you’ll find my little journal of different toys I’ve tried, my experiences with them, how they stack up to each other, and of course bits about my married life with kids.  Boo-ya.