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I’ll be blunt: the thing about cheap sex toys is that they are, well, cheap.  Think about it.  How do cheap toys stay cheap?  Well, it has been my experience that they are generally crap.  The last time I loved a cheap toy was when I didn’t know any better.  Since I’ve learned about different materials and their safety, batteries vs. plug-ins vs. rechargeables, sizes and shapes…let’s say that when I go shopping for a new addition, I have at least a vague idea of what I’m looking for.

Personally, I won’t touch anything that’s jelly or skin-like.  Too many people are raising too many health-related questions about them.  I figure I’d rather be safe than sorry and avoid them whenever possible.  But that’s me.  And you’re you.

Moving on.  When I go for toys, I much prefer silicone, or at least phthalate-free plastic, but I like silicone better.  Sometimes glass or metal.  Mostly silicone.

Which brings me, in a really round about way, to my point.  And the point of this post.  Everyone say hi to the We-Vibe Touch!

A little bit about it: the Touch is a rechargeable clitoral vibrator made of a glossy silicone (or possibly silicone covered plastic), about 4 inches long with a pointed end and a dip on one side.  At the base there is a single button that allows me to scroll through 8 vibration modes (4 speeds and 4 patterns).  Because there is only one button, if I miss the setting I want, I have to circle back around.  According to the company, the Touch is waterproof, but I haven’t tested that yet.

*Quick note on silicone*  Silicone toys don’t get along with other silicone toys or lubes.  That means that even though I love my silicone toys, I have to keep them separate because if they touch, they will damage each other.  The same goes for silicone lubricant.  Silicone lubricant MUST NOT be used on silicone toys.  A bummer, since I love both silicone toys and silicone lubricant.

What I loved:  Like I said, the Touch is a clitoral vibrator, not a vaginal one.  It’s made to be used on the outside of the body.  I found the shape to be fantastic for both broad and pinpoint stimulation, and the vibrations are nice and deep and rumbly.  It sat in the perfect external spot on me in the woman-on-top position with Husband.

I never cared for vibration patterns on my toys before, but I have to say that the Touch’s specific vibration patterns combined with how deep they are make me play with that function often.

What I didn’t love: I found that running on high, the Touch only lasts for about an hour with a 90 minute charge time.  This means that I have to be all hot and bothered before I even reach for it instead of starting with some teasing, lest it die at a really bad time.

Even though the Touch worked really well for me in the woman-on-top position, in the man-on-top it hit my pubic bone pretty painfully.

Final thought: Love it.  Despite the comparatively short running time and long charging time, this has become my favorite in the toy box.  At least for the moment.

~I originally received this item at a 30% discount in exchange for writing an honest review off site.~