I have thoughts.  And then more thoughts.  And then those thoughts have thoughts of their own.  And the next thing I know, I can’t remember what I was up to.

Oh, right.  I remember now.  Titles.

The title of my blog, technically, is Rolling in the Hay: Life.  Marriage.  Sex toys.  I feel like people are going to focus on the term “sex toys.”  Even though this blog is going to have my experiences and reviews,  it won’t have only that.  I wonder if I should just shorten it to Rolling in the Hay.  But then I would have to redo my header.  Again.  If you’ve been watching, today is the only day since I started this blog that I haven’t tweaked the header several times.

If I was just looking around at different blogs or specifically marriage blogs and saw “sex toys” as part of the title, I would probably click away.  Unless, of course, I was looking for that.

Oh, what to do.