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Ah, the MiMi, clitoral vibrator by Je Joue.  Remember when I said that the Touch was my first successful foray into luxury toys?  Well, the MiMi was the first luxury toy I ever owned, unless you count the Hitachi (I don’t, but more on that in another post).  But I wouldn’t quite call it successful.  Not completely.

First off let me give a big thank you to travelnurse, a member over at Eden Fantasys for sending me the photos for today’s post!  I don’t have my MiMi anymore, so no photos from me.  But we’ll get to that.

A little bit about it: The MiMi is a silicone (or silicone covered plastic?) external clitoral vibrator.  It’s rechargeable, attaches to the charger with magnets (how cool is that?), comes in a variety of colors, and just feels so darn elegant in my hand.  It looks a bit like a squashed egg shape, with the control buttons and charger port being on the widest part of the narrow edge.  Two buttons allow me to cycle through 5 vibration modes and 5 patterns.

Like all silicone toys, there is a down side: silicone toys should never touch silicone toys and silicone lubricant should never be used with them.  But I’ve said that before.  Moving on.

What I loved: The first thing I fell in love with, no joke, is the packaging.  An elegant black box with silver printed letters, no pictures.  Ok, there was an outer cardboard box that had the photo and all the info, but I’m talking about the inner storage box.  No naked porn stars.  No crude wording.  Just elegance.  Ahhh.

The vibrations aren’t insanely strong, like a Hitachi, but are strong enough to get me there and with style!  If you are used to cheap toys, you will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrations and luxury of the MiMi.

The flat-ish shape of this piece of awesome made it perfect for sitting between Husband and I in the woman-on-top (cowgirl) position, but with him on top it hit our pubic bones pretty dang painfully.  That being said, it is light enough that I can hold it on my clitoris in a variety of positions without it getting heavy.

Both the narrow and the broad sides of the MiMi provide stimulation, so whatever I’m in the mood for, it’s covered.

What I didn’t love: Now we come to the part why I *sigh* don’t have my MiMi anymore.  Settle in.  It’s quite a tale.

For Mother’s Day this year, I asked Husband for the MiMi and he readily agreed.  Sweet!  After waiting for it to come in the mail, I eagerly tore into it and plugged it in to charge.  However the charge indicator light blinked erratically (it’s supposed to blink, but not in the way that it was), and there was a quiet, but high pitched sound.  I tried to readjust the charger and everything else I could think of, but no luck.

I contacted Eden Fantasys, where I bought it, and they were kind enough to get a replacement out with no hassle on my part except sending back the defective MiMi at no cost to me.

I was ecstatic with the replacement, until it also showed itself to be defective only a few weeks after receiving it.  I again contacted Eden and this time was given a very, very hard choice: another replacement or a refund.

It was a very tough choice.  I loved my MiMi, but the thought of a third defective one had me more than spooked.  My time is limited and I didn’t want to have to go through going out of my way to the shipping center again to return another defective one.  I opted, with much trepidation, for the refund.

Final thought: Although I loved my MiMi and wanted to try other items in Je Joue’s line, this experience put me off a bit.  Even though the MiMi did have a year warranty (at the time of my purchase), it irritated me to have to jump through so many hoops to get a working one.  However, after talking with some other owners, some of which went through the same thing, I found they pretty much have this to say: “Sometimes you get a defective one, but you can always return it.  When you get a working one, it makes all the hassle worth it!”  Personally, I’m not ready to try again, but maybe in the future!