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Remember when I talked about my first toys?  Questionable material, poor quality, and so forth?  Another big issue I had with these toys were batteries.

I firmly believe that batteries are the bane of toy play.  More than once I had batteries die on me at a really bad time.  It wasn’t too bad if I happened to have rechargeable batteries on hand, but I didn’t always.

With my hatred of batteries in mind, a few years ago I started to look to see if there was a toy that plugs in.  That’s when I came across the Hitachi.

A little bit about it:  The Hitachi Magic Wand is an external massager/vibrator.  It is not waterproof, so any use with it must be careful.  The white head, roughly the size of a tennis ball, is made of a wrinkly…plastic?  Rubber?  What you get if plastic and rubber had offspring?  Anyway, underneath the head is a blue, semi-flexible neck, followed by the long, hard plastic handle with the two speed switch (high and low).   The Hitachi is roughly 12 inches from the top to the base, with a 75 inch (6 1/4 feet) cord.  It plugs in, so no worries about batteries.

What I loved:  Talk about power.  Lots and LOTS of power!  I won’t lie, this is the strongest vibrator I have ever owned.  It makes the big O nearly a sure thing for me.  That is the only thing I love about it.  The strength.

What I didn’t: The cord may seem long at over 6 feet, but from outlet to bed…that’s not a lot of slack.  I’ve accidentally pulled it out of the outlet more than once.

There are only to settings on the vibrator, and even the low setting is stronger than most other vibes.  I find it’s easy for me to get used to the power of the Hitachi, and be harder (for a while) for me to use weaker vibrators.

For couples play, this thing is huge and most certainly gets in the way.  In woman-on-top (cowgirl), we can make it work, but we haven’t been able to find any other position we can use it in.

Final thoughts:  I’ve noticed that almost everyone one screams that the Hitachi Magic Wand is an item that every toy box must have.  Personally, I think that although the Hitachi is pretty good, it does have it’s limits.  The cord is annoyingly short, it can’t be used internally (without a special head attachment), it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s not great for couples play.  I find that I just don’t need vibrations that are as strong as Hitachi.  On a scale of 1-5 of vibration strength, the Touch is on a low 4 on the highest setting, while the Hitachi is such a high 5 that it is barely on the scale.  I find I don’t mind a 4.  I also find there are better shaped toys out there for sex play…but then again, technically speaking, the Hitachi is supposed to be a muscle massager.  I’m curious as to how it became hailed as the do-all, be-all of sex toys.

The Hitachi is fun to have.  But as far as the idea that it is the one and only toy you’ll ever want…I just don’t think that’s true.  It does what it does and does it well, but it there are others out there.  It just doesn’t have to be the center of the toy world.