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I don’t have many pieces of awesome lingerie.  In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve bought anything for myself just because it was pretty.  But then I saw this corset.  Coquette Corset 1063, sometimes called the Satin and Lace Corset with Hook and Eye Closure.  I mean, really, how gorgeous is it?!  I couldn’t resist getting it, but had to wait for a whole month to buy it, as it was out of stock in my shop of choice.  I purchased mine within hours of it coming back in stock, and they are already gone again, less than a week after the restock.

A little bit about it: The corset is made of polyester and is handwash only.  There are hook and eye closures at the front (one row of hooks, two rows of eyes for adjustment), and the laces for tightening are at the back.  The boning is plastic, and contains ten bones in all.  This cutie comes with detachable shoulder straps, detachable garter straps, and a bow (unties but does not detach).  It does NOT come with stalkings or bottoms.  The packaging is very simple: hanging from a fabric wrapped padded hanger and covered in plastic for protection.

Back lacing

What  I loved: When I picked this up, I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy and solid it was.  It just felt nice.  Well made.  There is no stretch to the fabric, so no worries about it bulging out at an unflattering part of the body.  However, because of the lack of stretch, the back laces must be adjusted.  An extra set of hands is necessary for this.

I loved the length.  It came down as far as an average shirt on me would.  I stand at 5′ 6″, which is slightly taller than average, and so worried that I’d end up with a midriff-bearing piece.  I’m so glad I didn’t!  And, the boning and shape give me a nice hourglass shape that I loved without making my shape look artificial.

What I didn’t:  There is no bust support!  None!  Nada!  No underwire, no molding, nothing.  Although the corset has some minor bust shaping on the top (it bows out at that point), it can’t be called support.

It’s very hard to sit while wearing this.  Very hard.  The stiffness and boning holds you upright.  However, that can’t be helped.  To make it more flexible would take away some of the shaping abilities.

The front is kind of stiff, so every time I got one hook through the eye, another hook came back out.  This caused a lot of frustration for me, but Husband is able to stand in front of me and do the closure easier and faster.

Final thought:  I love this corset.  It’s gorgeous and feels great.  Photos don’t quite do the color justice.  I find my biggest complaint is the lack of bust support.  If that were fixed, I’d give it a full 5 stars.  As it is, 4.

~I originally got this product at a 30% discount in exchange for writing an honest review off site.~